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Some feedback

Postby Laplace99 » Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:17 am

Apparently the game's main story ends at level 5 ATM, i played until 17 before deciding to stop and wait for more content.

1. Would be nice if clicking on "have skill points" icon would open up a character who actually HAS points to assign.
2. Weapon upgrades really need to be detailed in the main weapon popup.
3. Enemy HP bars REALLY need to be independent of the timeline. I want to hover and see enemy HP, instead of searching all over the time bar (which is not scrollable even).

Classes :
Smuggler : Really powerful class, hovewer, it seems that when kilokri-whatever taunter explodes - it damages the Smuggler as well, which is not in the description. It hurts him every time for 50 damage. Why ?

Ninja : Strong class for dealing massive damage to single targets. However, there are no encounters currently in the game where that is of much use. At level 17 enemies generally have 400 HP, Ninja skills deal up to 1200 damage. Overkill.
Also, i question the wisdom of having so, so many, basically identical skills. Assassination tree has three ! One that hits for 80% for each combo point, one that hits for 100%, and another that hits for even more. The right tree also has more than one of those. Way too similar and boring.

Engineer : In my experience, with fast weak weapon - his skills are quite useless. With strong slow weapon - his left tree botlings dont get to act before the battle is over. Bolty acts often enough and autodeploys, but he is quite weak, as well as his skills.

Insano-mage : I didnt get to play much with him, because he depends on his void resource, and the game doesnt bother to tell me how it is transferred between battles. Does it diminish with distance travelled, or time, or what ? As he is apparently the only class that keeps the resource after battle - i want to see it on the main screen !
Also the example of too many similar skills. For instance, all three trees have "gain void" skill, which is understandable, but, the middle one is clearly superior both in damage AND void gain, so if i later want to venture in different trees - i have to spend 6 points on skills that do the exact same thing, but are much worse. You (YOU, the devs) clearly dont have the defined concept of what skills the player should want and how to organize the skill trees, whether the player should want to follow a single tree, or get lightly invested in several.

Soldier :
Decent class, however, the bomblets. Considering that you HAVE TO unlock them many, many levels before you are able to get any skills that deal directly with the bomblets, AND battles almost never last longer than five turns anyway...why do the bomblets exist again ? Although it appears that sometimes they explode the very next turn, for no apparent reason. Did you already change their behaviour and forgot to update the description ?
Also rocket swarm...apparently i am shooting 30 rockets for 30% damage...and doing next to no damage. Well, they ignite everything nicely, but overall i was incredibly disappointed.

Robot and Hacker : Arm Cannon is pretty good, the rest of the skills were too finicky what with all the malfunction mechanics and not very interesting. Hacker possibly can be competitive at high levels, hovewer i had no patience to get him to those levels as he was the absolute least useful class in my parties.
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