Question about VoidPsyker Explosion...

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Question about VoidPsyker Explosion...

Postby KultureVulture » Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:27 pm

Is it based off how much void energy you have when you start the attack or how much you end with? I have had a time when I'm at 0 void energy and with one attack shot to 100 and exploded, it seems silly that you can explode from 0 (I may be mistaken and had <10 energy but I was pretty sure I had 0 starting)

Confirmed today it is based off the amount of void energy you have after your attack. I used Shadow Coil as my first attack on the first enemy in a mission, Instant Overload. Needless to say I was really annoyed top start off at 50% hp for that run.

IMO the damage on Overload needs to be tuned WAY DOWN.

Suggestion: Change damage to a 10% of remaining/total health instead of flat damage, that way it scales better and have it apply a stacking debuff that lasts until the end of the the mission that increases damage taken 5%, or slows all attacks by 5-10% weapon speed. As it is right now it feels Extremely punishing for something based purely off RNG.

I also don't feel the Risk/Reward of the mechanic since 90% of the time it triggers when I have <10 Void energy before I use an ability. And that is frustrating cause I'm being very careful and it still goes off all the time.
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Re: Question about VoidPsyker Explosion...

Postby Thunderflux » Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:00 pm

Great suggestions! Currently the damage is based off the Void Psykers weapon and scales with how much Void Energy when the explode, it could probably use a nerf at higher levels. Void Energy overload is calculated at the end of your turn if you gained energy that turn.

I like the idea of having it scale from 1 to 10% of max health based on 1 to 100 VE, I'll try and get that in for next update.

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