A loot suggestion and small critique on lvl scaling

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A loot suggestion and small critique on lvl scaling

Postby Brokenspade » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:35 am

First off. I am really enjoying this game. So far the it has the bones of something funny and enjoyable and I cant wait to see what the meat on the skeleton will be.

One thing I've noticed tho. Loot doesn't really keep up with the difficulty of missions as you level up. Because of the way their health scales, enemies start taking FOREVER to kill (around level 8 or so). And the gun drops don't quite keep pace. (The smugglers gunslinger tree really makes this stand out btw: it Requires pistols for all its skills. If you don't have a pistol equipped you cant use akimbo or trickshot at all. So if all you have is a low level pistole... your kinda boned)

It still early days, so maybe this is already being addressed, but I'd like to offer a potential solution.

Add some items to the mission selection briefing.
Two random item types per mission: lets say, by way of an example a random armor or gun or accessory based either the mission type or corporation offering the job. And I don't mean you get to see what the item is, just that you'll be offered one at the missions completion.

As an aside this could also be a neat way to manipulate faction rep. Say instead of claiming an item, you "gift" it to whatever corp you cheesed off, by doing the mission... you could do this to lessen your reputation losses with that faction. Say +1 rep for green items, +2 for blue, +3 for purple, etc etc etc.

Since rep loss and gain from main story mission seems pretty large 20 points one way or the other It seems like this wouldn't hurt the main campaign to much.

Just my random thoughts. The games already amazing. Cant wait for more. Thanks for reading :)
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Re: A loot suggestion and small critique on lvl scaling

Postby Emmeric » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:22 pm

I like this idea - very Anarchy Online-ish.

A gear reward per mission, aside from looted items. Gives something to aim for while also posing conflict with faction. What a nailbiter: "Do I screw over this friendly faction to get this nice upgrade?"

Thumbs up.
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