Resurrecting in mission and Void Psyker warnings

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Resurrecting in mission and Void Psyker warnings

Postby Spookdragon » Tue May 05, 2015 5:44 am

Just wondering if this will ever be added.

I know death happens and am fine with it.

The problem I have is when my Void Psyker blows up at less then 40 void energy. Is there a way to tell how close you are to exploding or maybe an ability to increase your safe zone for building energy.
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Re: Resurrecting in mission and Void Psyker warnings

Postby Aelyria » Sat May 09, 2015 11:01 am

We don't have any plans at this time for resurrecting in mission. If we did decide to add something like that, it would most likely be a consumable that you would have to purchase and use one time to patch someone up. However, managing team health over the length of a mission is an important part of the strategy

The risk/reward mechanic is a big part of our current take on the void psyker. As her Void Energy meter changes color, that indicates that the risk of explosion is higher. Choosing to mitigate risk by using your void energy is the "safe" option (but a little less fun :O). We are still playing around with the numbers and how the chance of exploding scales with increased VE. It may be that in the middle "safe" zone where the meter is still purple, our chance of explosion is just a little too high right now. We may just have to play around with how steeply the chance increases as you increase your void energy.

If anyone else has feedback on this, let me know!
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Re: Resurrecting in mission and Void Psyker warnings

Postby Aleph » Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:24 am

I find a Mirror Shard Force Psyker is a helpful companion to a Void Psyker. I usually still take damage off losing control, but less than I would otherwise.
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Re: Resurrecting in mission and Void Psyker warnings

Postby Emmeric » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:41 pm


Up to level 11 with a Void Psyker on a particular test set of characters and sad to say, dumped her at 11 while the rest moved on. Completely lackluster performance compared to everyone else and the constant explosions ripping everyone in the party were annoying.

Level 11 was enough to reach one point into apex. Fiddled with combos trying to make her effective. Sure, the Shadowbolt is nice, but the rest of it was meh. Reaching Ascendance was not fulfilling. Been toying with the idea of going only Summoner, but Shadowcoil seems to lack any umph to it to make it worth trying. Maybe as a respec with so many points you could move beyond it...

The Void overload should be self-target only. The damage is a huge detriment when there are no healers. With no healing (except gaining Void energy via Chaotic Gathering, maybe the explosion shouldn't be damage-based but mind-based. How about Void Explosion causing a self-only Daze for a turn? While this doesn't address the Void Psyker's group utility as a whole, at least it limits the "NO" factor of including her in a group.

Suggestions to make Void Psyker more useful to the group? Since I feel the Void Psyker is the weakest of the palette offered, maybe it needs to be more group friendly.

+In the Manipulator line, the Psi Weapon passive should apply to the entire group.
+In the Evoker line, the Chaotic Gathering passive damage buff should apply to the entire group. Leave the healing to self-only.
+In the Summoner line, the Misery passive should have a more "summoning" feel: when you critically hit, regenerate 1 shield on all party members. Or possibly something along the lines of: When you critically hit, all party members receive a 100% Weapon damage strike against attackers for 1 turn. True Misery!

At least in the early levels, I just can't scrape together a reason to include a Void Psyker in my groups. Second least favored is the Hacker, but saved only by Ex Machina. But if Ex Machina is getting nerfed as suggested in other posts, then it will quickly compete with Void Psyker as useless.
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Re: Resurrecting in mission and Void Psyker warnings

Postby ElvinStrawhat » Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:49 am

Void Psyker is a little unwieldy early, but shine in the late game. Go with the middle tree for damage and shield-breaking, start missions with shielded enemies (guard robots, pirates), kill them.
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