Prototype should be scrapped.

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Prototype should be scrapped.

Postby zeroazure0 » Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:24 pm

So I have been playing this game for quiet awhile (The patch before the 4/11 one) and I decided to try a group of people that I haven't used before in a new game: Cyber ninja, prototype, smuggler, and hacker. After playing for quite a bit with this new group I can without a doubt say prototype is useless. Of course I could only get to level 4 with him before saving up enough money to get him the hell out of my group. The chance to malfunction is much MUCH higher than what it shows in his display. His skills don't really offer the high risk/high reward as it illustrates as his damage is kind of medicore, maybe a bit above average. Try to respec him as a tank and still malfunctions all day. This is way beyond just rng giving me hell, its just a broken class.

I went to the point of him having him auto attack and do nothing else but he would still malfunction from just ATTACKING. He doesn't have a spec in which his auto attack is better... why should that cause him to malfunction? He is ok in other scneraos tho pertaining to certain events but that doesn't warrant him being only useful half the time. If you are only useful half the time then you are pretty much useless.
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Re: Prototype should be scrapped.

Postby Aelyria » Sat May 09, 2015 11:07 am

We're still working on Prototype (and all the classes!) so expect things to change somewhat as beta proceeds. Eventually malfunction will have some beneficial effects as well, so it won't necessarily be a bad thing to have happen.

We'd love to get some back and forth going on strengths / weaknesses of different characters, so if anyone agrees / disagrees or has something to add, feel free to chime in!

Just to let people know, the Steam forums have been a little more active than these forums of late. There's a bit more conversation and discussion going on, so feel free to jump in there as well if you'd like to discuss builds and character skills.
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Re: Prototype should be scrapped.

Postby Emmeric » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:47 pm

Prototype is now one of the more useful group additions, but only for Aegis. That's kind of sad. There should be more to it than just Aegis.
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