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Re: Crashes with NVIDIA cards

Postby matthewfarmery » Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:19 am

I still point my finger that it was a heat issue the last time around, possible that the last card could have been blowing hot air towards the CPU and you not got good enough fans to blow the air out, if the ram checks out fine, I would check the temp, CPU, MB and gcard temps. I still have a hunch, if its not ram, it's a temp issue, that your newer card is a lot better for dealing with heat, but unless that heat is pushed out, it will only build up in the case.


don't count on the PSU fan for pushing out heat, if that is where the heat is going, that could be another reason for the crashes, as that fan is only meant to keep the PSU cool, not the full case worth of heat. so yeah, check your fan setup next.
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