some questions and personal wrap up

Warning: This will house WIP and in-game content. Spoilers ahead!

some questions and personal wrap up

Postby Bearhug67 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:30 pm

Hello guys,

I was gone for quite a while as I had to deal with some serious health issues.
This is Bearhug67, I was watching with you guys the closing of the last kickstarter night which was real fun despite the silly dance routine. ;)
I got reminded of the game as I saw the latest updates in my mailbox and had a few questions left.

I got steam keys for the game and the ost but I had wanted instead DRM free keys for both.
I made a $20 pledge plus some $13 bucks for a few extras.

Can someone of you guys please contact me via email and let me know what to do for the NPC scientist, the credit acknowledgement and the keys?
I was never good with forums and navigating through this one to make this posting pushed me already to the limit.

Congratulations to the wrap up of the game, the videos I saw on Steam look quite impressive and I hope I am still long enough around to enjoy the game for a while.

Thanks and with best regards to the whole team, including your beagle.
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